Jean François Girard
Experienced, Transparent and Reliable

A Summary Of My Services

20 career sales awards and recognitions with Royal LePage
2023 Top 5% CANADA average properties sold
2023 Select Circle Member with Royal LePage

2022 Top 5% and 2% CANADA units & average properties sold
2022 Select Circle Member + President'S Gold award 
2018 Director's Platinum award - within the top 5% best selling teams in Québec
2008 to 2023 9 times Master Sales Award (Within 11% to 20% Quebec's top sellers) and 4 times Sales Achievement Award (within 21% to 25% Quebec's top sellers)
Hundreds of thank you for your references! 


A precise Market Value Analysis

As a member of several Canadian real estate associations, not only do I have access to a large amount of online tools to sell your property in a timely manner, but I also have access to each and every property sale in the province. This means that a very precise market value analysis for your home can be produced using details as specific as neighborhood, type of property, square footage, etc.

Professional HD Quality Photography

I hire professional photographers with drones to showcase your property. This makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting potential buyers to YOUR home as opposed to the other one down the street!  It also means no useless pictures of open toilet seat covers, close-up shots of overcharged rooms or worse, pictures with people and animals : think twice - is this really the first impression you want to provide?

A strong Internet presence on over a dozen of web sites

Will you be searching for your next home in the newspaper?  Probably not. Chances are you will be "Googling it", as do most buyers, including yours - this is why having a solid visibility on the web should NEVER be overlooked.  Are you presently "shopping" for your Realtor? Ask him / her about their visibility plan, you might be surprised. Remember, the more your property is seen, the faster it will be sold... and the higher the sale price as you'll have more buyers for it! 

Your house is a star on the FM band of Radio Habitation (MC)

Way better than the monkey-see-monkey-do text messaging or QR systems, Radio Habitation (MC) broadcasts specific features and benefits of your property, on FM radio directly in front of your "For Sale" sign. The professional quality recording can be listened to on any radio of cars passing-by, retaining potential buyers longer, during which they'll not only observe your property but also your immediate neighborhood. This is truly innovative and an exclusivity offered by Jean François Girard


A high quality of service without compromise!

I serve my clients as I like to be served - this is also why I am an approved and proud member of various associations such as the National Defence in order to relocate their members: I must therefore maintain a very high level of service quality year over year in order to remain a member : the quality of my work at your service!


Assisting you to find your retirement house!

I have elaborate a partnership with Visavie, a company that has been operating for almost 35 years in the field of support and research for RPA (residences for seniors) throughout Quebec and Ontario. One of their 45 advisors will listen to your specific needs and will accompany you AT NO CHARGE throughout your process to help you find your new living environment; you can call it a true "turnkey" service.


Beyond money, people ...

Because we are committed to support communities, Royal LePage is the only Canadian real estate company to have its own charity program. The Shelter Foundation is the largest public foundation in Canada dedicated specifically to funding LOCAL women's shelters and supporting violence prevention programs. Thus, not only do I personally make monetary donations for each transaction but I'm also vonlontary involved in various fundraising activities related to "Maison Regard en Elle" in Repentigny.


Jean François Girard is also a proud member of the following organisations: